“Lines Overheard at the Spuyten Duyvil” by Danielle Mebert

“I haven’t been really into any other
artist in a long time.  He’s the first
I’ve really been excited about,
the first to be doing something really…”

“…artists in a long line, but he’s the first
to use shit and urine in his work,
the first to do something really
innovative with solid and liquid excrement…”

“…to smear shit and urine on the walls
when he overturned his potty chair?
‘But he used solid and liquid excrement!’
my sister said.  My nephew is headed from…”

“…he overturned his potty chair
and then hit the nurse, giving her a nice bruise,
my sister said.  My father is headed from
his golden years to his dark ages…”

“…hit on the nurse looking at my bruise,
but it turned out she had tufts, I mean,
golden piles of pit hair right out of the Dark Ages.
She turned me down, thank God…”

“…but at the last minute she got into Tufts.  I mean,
this was the girl we wanted, the one
who turned us down suddenly.  Thank God
we found Cindy to care for him instead.

“…it was a girl they wanted.  The one
thing my sister hoped and prayed for was a girl.
She’d have named him Cindy instead
of Sidney.  What a terror he’ll turn out to be…”

“…the thing he hoped for was a hot girl
to be part of his living art.  He found this girl,
Sydney. What a terror she turned out to be;
she refuses to do anything with excrement or blood…”

“…like he’s a piece of living art.  He looks like a girl
in this picture I found.  But his music is so raw—
you’ve seen the album cover where he’s covered in blood—
His music is raw and pure at the same time.”

In this picture I found, the figures are raw.
I’m an observer in the scene; I’m excited about it.
The music of a bar is pure and raw at the same time,
though I haven’t been really into any others.

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