“Odds” by Danielle Mebert

I. Warm Up/Review

If there are five cookies on a plate
and you eat three,
then you
do exactly
what I know you to do
and I
am left with the mouse’s share of cookies.

II. Alternative Methods of Attacking the Problem

I would take one for the team
and offer you
the odd cookie out,
but you don’t give me the chance.
I would suggest
cookie three be halved,
at least.

III. Conditions

In this relationship,
let y be greater than x
and the relationship between y and x
be expressed as

V. Practice Exercises/Solutions

If you have y cookies,
I have x.
If you have six,
I have five.
If you have 145,
I have but a gross.
Let x equal “I.”

VI. Conclusions

X is always at a loss.
X am always at a loss.


Danielle Mebert is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry and teaches Introduction to Creative Writing at Adelphi University where she previously earned her BA and MA.  She is a former middle school English teacher and has been published in or has work forthcoming from Barefoot Muse, Gloom Cupboard and Writers’ Bloc. In addition to her teaching duties and studies, Danielle is an assistant editor at Opium Magazine, maintains a blog for the Creative Writing Program, and oversees Adelphi’s online book club. Danielle lives on Long Island, but dreams of living in any borough but Queens or Staten Island. When nervous, she breathes in dactyls.

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